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Marvelous Metal – Energy Efficient Home Renovation Update

Marvelous Metal – Energy Efficient Home Renovation Update
October 31, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

metal roof for energy efficient home renovationThis week I’m so very excited to introduce the new metal roof on our energy efficient home renovation project. Why choose metal for your roof?  If you care about things like long term cost savings, energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and re-sale value, I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t!

Cost: The toughest part of choosing a metal roof is the initial cost.  Yes, it is going to be 2-3 times the cost of a shingle roof. (Shingles are $2.50-$4.00/sq ft; Metal is $5.00-$10.00/sq ft.) Once you get past the cost sting, the benefits start paying you back immediately.  A shingle roof’s useable life is listed sometimes to 30 years.  I don’t know about you, but my shingle roofs rarely go past 15 years before needing something –  not excluding full replacement.  Metal roofs have full warranties that last 50 years but really have proven to last a lifetime.  Over the years? Well…do the math.

Energy Efficiency: A metal roof is a reflective surface.  Reflecting/deflecting the solar gain of the sun keeps everything inside and below the roof much cooler.  This lightens the cooling load on your air conditioner and increases the natural comfort of your home.  Shingle roofs are made with black tar that absorbs the solar power of the sun.  This massive heat gain under the roof is at odds with the air conditioner at all times, especially at night when the house should be naturally cooling. The heat that shingles absorb also shortens the effective life of the roof.

Environmentally Friendly:  Metal roofs typically have a minimum of 25% recycled content.  This level of recycled content allows metal roofing to be routinely included on listing for “green” and recycled content products.  It is also 100% recyclable when ultimately removed as part of the building demolition. Shingle roofing materials, in particular, are toxic material made from petroleum that go right into the landfill. Metals are exceptional building materials that can credibly claim both recycled content and recyclability by recognized definitions.

Resale Value: As a real estate broker, I can say with some degree of experience that a roof is a huge resale issue.  A new roof is somewhat expected by buyers. An old one is a deal breaker.  No one wants to buy a house and immediately have to replace the roof. In addition, an old shingle roof sends a message of deferred maintenance, and thoughts of “what else is wrong” dance through potential buyers’ heads.  A seller that can offer a beautiful, strong, cost saving, energy efficient roof that never has to be replaced is over and above any home buyer’s expectation.

I could go on, but then I’d just be gloating. There is so much information on metal roofs, but a great site is the one for The Metal Roofing Alliance.

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