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Market trends 2020 AND a NEW HOME listing

Market trends 2020 AND a NEW HOME listing
January 13, 2020 Allison Andrews

A new year, a new home! Just picture it…

Now’s a good time to get a jump on the market because the 2020 real estate forecast predicts housing prices will stay on a steady incline this year. Charlotte continues to see transients moving in from higher-priced markets. Already the market is feeling the impact of competition from hedge fund and corporation buyers who are able to pay cash for properties.

Although Charlotte is increasing in value Charlotte is still and will be for the foreseeable future a very sound and solid investment for real estate.  While Charlotte is growing at 3 times the national rate, it hasn’t experienced the volatility that many U.S. Real Estate markets have. That’s in part why it has retained some affordability and an upside in general. 

The flow into the urban center of Charlotte remains strong, and there are still many affordable, walkable fun housing options to choose from.  Take these 2 listings for instance.  

3817 Conway Ave off of South Blvd and Scaleybark

You are walking distance to a light rail station. Retail is barreling down South Blvd right this way.  Take your pick from new shiny grocery stores, restaurants, clothing retail and of course breweries.  

Light and airy spaces…

A yard with possibilities….

I love the brick wall in the dining area…

3419 Covington Oaks Drive 

In the ever-fabulous Merry Oaks neighborhood. I have always loved this location.  It is a sweet, happy, friendly neighborhood that’s walkable to Resident Culture brewery and all the fun in Plaza Midwood.  Plus it’s listed at a great price point 

An open concept…

Upgraded kitchen…

A rare in the city garage…. cue the angels singing….

Plus, a place to let your dogs or kids or both run free!

One other trend worth noting, interest rates are predicted to stay low in 2020. They’re sitting at around 3.75% right now. It sounds like a good time to buy …

Give me a call and I’ll be happy to show you these beauties in person!