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The Latest on Our Energy Efficient Home Renovation

The Latest on Our Energy Efficient Home Renovation
June 26, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

energy efficient home renovation updateMy last update was many weeks ago.  We were just beginning with our third contractor and feeling frustrated with the lack of progress.  I haven’t given an update in these last weeks because I have been really busy with the progress of the project.  Our energy efficient home renovation went from 0 to 1000 overnight.  It’s amazing what the right management and crew can do for a renovation!

We had to go backward before going forward.  Our first two contractors didn’t do horrible work, but some of their work had to be tweaked – some plumbing and electrical, completion of the metal roof and hardiboard siding.  We also took time to waterproof around the entire foundation of the home.  (That was expensive but well worth the peace of mind.) We re-configured some of the spaces, too.  Then we were all set for the finish work.

I hadn’t even allowed myself time to dream about things like tile, light fixtures, colors – ya know, the fun stuff.  I have been wrapped around the nuts and bolts, literally, of this project.  When the drywall went up, it was time for, oh, everything. There were a few panic moments while picking out finishes.  I felt like I was grabbing and going and losing my design path.  I quickly learned less is more. Simple finishes can be less expensive and more contemporary looking. I want everything to be custom and artsy, but there just isn’t time for everything to be custom and artsy. I have found key areas to go funky.  For instance, see the super-cool stamped metal plates I found at the recycle metal yard (amazing place for unusual design finds). These plates will become part of my stair banister going down to the lower level of the house.

We are now priming and painting. We are so close to final detail stuff I can taste it.  I can’t wait to give my next energy efficient reno update because it will probably be the last…at least for this project.