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February 3, 2020 Allison Andrews

I have been a fan of Toby Witte’s design since I moved to Charlotte. I was a fan became he became popular.  Like a June bug to a porch light, I was drawn to the unpretentious, smart, contemporary, energy-efficient design that Toby organically creates. 

I sought Toby out after doing research on Charlotte Architects with a contemporary/modern design aesthetic focusing on energy efficiency.  Two of my loves! His eye for line, space, materials was unique and oh so refreshing.  It met all of my “dwell” like design dreams.

My first work project with Toby was a modern design in the Belmont neighborhood of Charlotte. I was the buyer’s agent and liaison between buyer and Toby’s firm at the time, Dialect Design, a firm he started while he was finishing his school at UNC Charlotte. “We”, the buyers, me, architects Toby and his partner were simpatico on the style of the house. BUT “they”,  the lenders and builders struggled mightily with the modern design of the house to be built.

Looking back this first modern house in the Belmont neighborhood was built on sheer will.  This house paved the way for home builders to build more contemporary dwellings throughout the urban neighborhoods of Charlotte… like his newest project on 1908 Oaklawn Avenue.

1908 Oaklawn Ave. Is Indicative of Toby’s vision of building an attainable contemporary energy-efficient dwelling, the home is simply effortlessly beautiful, easy and economical to live in and created with options for how people live today.

Relative to houses of this design level and quality it is a fantastic value. Located in the Oaklawn area of West Charlotte.  The West side is an exciting side of Charlotte and is moving on some of the most innovative commercial and residential building and renovating happening right now.  It is also still one of the more affordable areas of Charlotte. 

The aspects that make this home energy efficient are NOT expensive upgrades they are cost free smart choices in the design/ build process. 

Live well with amazing light

and bathrooms that look like they belong in a luxurious hotel

Live comfortably with cool floors

Live with options.  Toby, adds in design options for extra capacity or extra income.  Check out the built in in-law suite or short term stay suite, or just a perfect office any professional would be proud of. 

Haven’t seen anything like this in Charlotte? That’s because Toby brings a broader world vision to his work.  Toby was born in Lima Peru the son of teachers. He went to school and gained the foundation of his craft in Germany. Toby studied and was a draftsman under the prestigious Philipp Holzmann Construction and engineering firm. He worked on infrastructure projects to include Seaports and Tunnels.  Toby did spend a year in the U.S. during his high school years where he met his future wife. Toby left Germany in 1999, at the age of 25, with his new wife, to further his studies at University North Carolina Charlotte.  Toby graduated from UNCC after a 5-year program earning a Professional degree in Bachelor of Architecture. 

Back to that Belmont neighborhood home I mentioned… That project I was so fortunate to be part of left Toby frustrated by the lack of builder knowledge of contemporary/modern and energy-efficient practices. As a result, Toby gained his contractor’s license in 2006.  This combination of skills and certifications allowed Toby to manifest his design visions.

Toby started Wittehaus in 2017. 

His first project was his own home.  This home won the North Carolina Modernist houses Matsumoto Prize.

If you like 1908 Oaklawn Ave. you’ll be happy to know more of his work is on the way.  Toby Witte is not a high volume builder and his projects move fast so stay in touch to follow his work.