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How photos can make or break the sale of your home

How photos can make or break the sale of your home
October 14, 2019 Allison Andrews

People are definitely shopping for their new home on-line. Many before they even contact a real estate agent like me. In fact, 50% of people who buy a home find it online. That may not be surprising considering all listings are posted online these days. What it means for you, however, is that you have about  2 seconds to grab their attention before they move to the next listing.  That’s not an official stat but it’s my theory and I’m sticking to it. Simply put, photographing your home is critical to the process. Photos can make or break the sale… often before they see it in real life.

We are also sooo very spoiled by really high-quality imagery all around us.  Odds are people will not keep looking at your listing or come back to revisit your listing unless there was something memorable that they saw that pulls them in and back.  Pictures are the flowers that attract your honey bees, aka buyer. 

I can not overstress the importance of pictures in getting a buyer to see your house!

The more interesting the photos i.e. beautiful color, light, staging, artwork the more eyes you are going to attract. The longer those eyes stay on your listing,  the more the odds go up that they schedule a showing.   

It’s so important, I pay a professional photographer to take photos of my listings. I know your iPhone takes really good pictures but consider this statistic: Homes with high-quality photography sell 32 percent faster.  Professional photos can also help ensure a better offer for your house. Homes in the 200K to $1M range sell for $3k-$11k more with professional photos.

Your photos should maximize natural light. You want the photos to make a room look bright and open with few shadows. A professional knows that exterior shots are best taken on an overcast day for that very reason.

Professionals also have the right gear like a wide-angle lens to help them show off as much of a room as possible. They also know that the best angle is generally taken from the doorway. Did you know that?

The more photos, the better! One study found a home with just one photo took an average of 70 days on the market while a home with 20 photos took an average of 32 days to sell.

I recommend staging your home before the photoshoot. Decluttering is a part of the staging process and results in photos that are more crisp and clean. Your photos should draw attention to the space and capture a vibe that is enticing to potential buyers.

So you might be asking… what about video?  I probably stand alone on this.  I have tried Matterport (a 3-D self-guided tour) for my listings in the past.  I find it hard for the user to navigate, and the imagery kind of fish-eyes (distorts the rooms).  I have also tried video with my giving a tour, let’s just say I will never do that again, and a slide show (that goes painfully slow). The end result is I am not a fan of video.

Before choosing a real estate agent talk to them about their approach to home photography. It shouldn’t be an afterthought and is vital to good marketing for a home. I’m happy to tell you what I think. Let’s talk.