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Help Save the Double Door Inn

Help Save the Double Door Inn
July 21, 2016 Cassee Cunningham

Double Door Inn Charlotte NC realtor Cassie CunninghamLike many other pieces of Charlotte history (particularly recent Charlotte history), the Double Door Inn finds itself on the chopping block.

The Double Door Inn first opened its doors in 1973. Since then, the venue has played host to a wide variety artists from a multitude of genres like bluegrass, soul, fusion and jazz. Famous artists such as Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Dave Alvin, and Buddy Guy have played there, too.

The property on which the Double Door sits is part of a purchase agreement between its owner, Nick Karres, and CPCC. After the sale goes through, probably in January 2017, the building is slated to be torn down.

But a petition has been launched by Charlottean Andrew Taylor to try and save the venerable venue. According to the petition page, “[t]he purpose of this petition is to inform CPCC that this old dive bar is significant and should be saved and preserved for generations of Charlotte musicians and music lovers.”

The Charlotte Landmark Series is promoting the petition on its Facebook page and encouraging folks to fight for saving this piece of history. In a recent post, they said:
“The recent news that Charlotte’s Double Door will be torn down is not at all surprising considering Charlotte’s complete ambivalence to its history.

The people of Charlotte who love this old club should be speaking out, the Charlotte Landmark Commission should be stepping in, we should be voicing our concern that Charlotte has already lost most of its history in the name of progress.

The Double Door should 100% absolutely be saved, preserved, and cherished.

Not bulldozed.

Shame on you Charlotte.

Shame on you Central Piedmont Community College.

Shame on all of us for letting this happen.”

If you want to help save the Double Door and a piece of Charlotte history, please visit the petition site and add your name. CPCC should know how many folks care about keeping our historic places around, even if their uses change over time.

Image: Save the Double Door Inn petition