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Grant Awarded to Plaza Shamrock

Grant Awarded to Plaza Shamrock
February 20, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

Plaza Shamrock Wins Grant from ASCWow!  Just when you think Charlotte neighborhoods couldn’t get any better, word comes that Plaza Shamrock has won a grant from the Arts and Science Council!

The Shamrock Drive Neighborhoods were notified in January that its application to for funding through the Arts and Science Council’s Creative pARTnership Project was approved.  The purpose of the grant is to further expand access to public art throughout Charlotte and enhance neighborhood identity.

Public artwork provides benefits to residents and businesses alike.  It is stimulating and inviting –  it has been shown to increase social interaction that can lead to a greater sense of community and add to the aesthetics of the community.

Five neighborhood projects were awarded $23,600.  Project funds will be managed by ASC.  Plaza Shamrock will have new public artwork installed that matches the spirit of the neighborhood.

From here, Plaza Shamrock will designate representatives to work with the Artist Selection Panel, which will be named by the Public Art Commission, to select an artist whose work is appropriate for the neighborhood.  The ASC will commission the artist and manage the project to meet the guidelines of Charlotte’s Public Art Ordinance.  The neighborhood will work with the artist to explore a range of ideas for the public art project.  The artist’s designs will then be reviewed by the Public Art Commission, along with the Neighborhood Representatives.  The final art installation is expected to go up this fall or winter.

Want to live near this new public art installation?  Give me a call and we’ll find you a great home in Plaza Shamrock!

Image: Shamrock Drive Development Association Facebook Page