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Everything Old Is New Again

Everything Old Is New Again
February 7, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

As the economy took a downturn several years ago, the popularity of vintage and consignment shops rose.  But now, even though the economy is coming back, these shops have retained their popularity because people found they can find great deals on cool pieces!  Not to be outdone, Charlotte’s got some nifty vintage and consignment stores of its own.

Rat’s Nest
With a chill vibe and a casual coolness about it, this NoDa shop offers vintage rockabilly at reasonable prices.  Hang out, shop and have a PBR.  It’s all good.

Frock opened recently on Central Avenue, close to Central Coffee.  They offer an eclectic mix of housewares, furnishings, clothing, baubles and shoes.  Definitely a spot worth checking out!

Hong Kong
In the heart of Plaza Midwood, you’ll find Hong Kong.  If you’re looking for very chic vintage clothing or fab furniture, this spot on Central is one you should not miss!

Buffalo Exchange
Also in Plaza Midwood, this store is part of a national chain.  The mix here is one of high-end brands, every day brands and vintage.  Offering men’s clothes and shoes, women’s clothes and shoes and a variety of accessories, it’s easy to piece a great looking outfit together here!

Nestled in SouthEnd, Revolve is an upscale men’s consignment store that specializes in high-end designer clothes for men.  As their website says, they offer “savvy shoppers the finest selection of men’s clothes at a fraction of the price.”

Sweet Repeats
This unique high-end boutique offers “women’s clothing, shoes and accessories from the finest designers at affordable prices.”  Tucked behind 300 East in Dilworth, the store has two sides – one more casual and lifestyle oriented, the other more career and social oriented.

Very Terry
Located across the parking lot from Sweet Repeats, Terry prides herself on the organization of her store.  Another great mix of high-end and every day brands, there are definitely deals to be found here!

Image: Hong Kong Vintage’s Google+ Local Page