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Concrete & Windows Never Looked So Good – Energy Efficient Home Renovation Update

Concrete & Windows Never Looked So Good – Energy Efficient Home Renovation Update
August 15, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

energy efficient home renovation august 15 2013Energy Efficient Home Renovation, Week number…um…I’ve forgotten.

If you remember, we had to go back to the drawing board because I just wasn’t having any luck in wrangling subcontractors and consequently securing permitting.  I saw the writing on the half demolished wall, and decided to hire a contractor, Adam Jones of Dauntless Contracting Group.  For 2 to 3 weeks we worked together on gathering bids and massaging numbers.  During those weeks I couldn’t just let my poor house just sit there, plus time is money, as the saying goes.  So, Brandon the Fabulous, my awesome help, and I decided to tackle the concrete floor in the basement.

I love the look of concrete.  I love it as a floor.  Concrete can be so versatile, inexpensive, and contemporary.  It was an “easy” fix to my bottom floor (formerly known as basement) needs.  Brandon and I went to Sunbelt Rentals, more than once, actually more than four times, to get the right tool for the job, but we finally found it.  After 4 days of intense, fine, concrete dust, so thick at times we couldn’t see our hands in front of our faces, we have a sanded concrete floor.  If you refer back to the “before” pics you will see a dark floor stained with the decades-old adhesive that was applied for the cheap linoleum tiles.  Now, we have a lovely blank slate that will take a color stain or wash then a coat of thick finish.  Stay tuned for the dramatic finish to this concrete floor. I’m really excited about it!

The other very exciting thing that happened this week?  Windows!!!  I can’t believe what an amazing difference new windows make both in the look and feel of the house inside and out. As I’m writing this they are not completely finished yet, but they are close, and man do they look great!  I’ll have pictures next week to show the dramatic difference my new beautiful windows make.  The windows were purchased and installed by Home Depot.  I couldn’t beat the price or the product.  I highly recommend them.

Our energy efficient home renovation is really gonna gear up.  Stay tuned and watch it happen, or keep your eyes on my Facebook page for the posts and pictures to go up!