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Energy Efficient Home Renovation – Month 1 Recap

Energy Efficient Home Renovation – Month 1 Recap
June 13, 2013 Cassee Cunningham

The point of this post is somewhat selfish.  Yes, I want to share and teach through my experiences with our energy efficient home renovation. Blah, blah, blah. But mostly I need a cheap therapist through this home renovating process, and you, my dear reader, get to be that therapist.

I really don’t sleep very well right now. I’m thinking about this project every moment day and night.  When I do sleep, I’ll wake up with a start, imagining the floors caving in or the house just washing away in the almost constant torrential rains we are having.

Having said that, I’m loving it! I treat myself every morning with a Smelly Cat Coffee or a Central Coffee cappuccino  – or Cassuccino, as Smelly Cat has affectionately named it.  Then I head to the job site.  I get there, and we just start.  My 2 great helpers that you will see wafting through the photos are Brandon and Vince. They are awesome, and I don’t have any idea what I would have done without them.  We are almost completely through the demo phase, although amazingly we keep finding things to destroy. And even after filling one 20-yard dumpster, we are still going.

In addition to the back-breaking work of jackhammering concrete out of the upstairs bathroom, pulling out termite damage from the basement ceiling, and watching it rain inside my basement, I have coordinated all kinds of subcontractors to begin work.  First on the list? The basement sealing company. It ain’t gonna be cheap, but I will have a dry space to finish and enjoy. 

Yes, that is me on the roof in the rain, cleaning the gutter out with a rusty ladle I found in the rusty shed.  Ain’t reno grand?  Stay tuned for more updates.  And to see our progress up to this point, check out the Facebook album of photos and check out the previous posts on the blog.