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Wait’ll You See What’s Next in 2017: Our Elizabeth Home Renovation

Wait’ll You See What’s Next in 2017: Our Elizabeth Home Renovation
January 5, 2017 Cassee Cunningham

elizabeth home renovation charlotte realtor cassie cunningham2016 was a prosperous year in real estate in our Queen City of Charlotte, according to the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce. 2016 ended for my husband and me with the listing of our Energy Efficient renovation. 2017 began for us with the bittersweet sale of our Energy Efficient renovation home located in the Plaza Shamrock neighborhood. We actually closed today. This project started in 2013. We moved to Plaza Shamrock in August of 2014 and enjoyed 3 fabulous years in the finished product. We knew this home was something we were going to sell eventually, but really loved living there. We weren’t very motivated to sell…until we found our next project.

Well, we have found our next real estate property, but It’s way more than a “property” or “project” it’s the beginning of a life changing journey. I’ll drop a few hints about location: 1. We are still in Charlotte. Actually walking distance to my favorite coffee shop, Central Coffee.  2. We are also walking distance to the trolley system that takes us right uptown. 3. There is a cool art installation at the round-about right in front of our house. Ok…it’s Elizabeth! Stay tuned to this site for more details to come about the house and family. This time, we’ll be living in the house during the renovations. Certainly there will be trials, tribulations and valuable lessons to be learned.

I look forward to sharing our renovation journey on this new home as I did for our last. Don’t be a stranger! Drop me a line here or shoot me an email to let me know what your questions are about your dream real estate project. Happy New Year!