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Elizabeth, how I love thee…

Elizabeth, how I love thee…
July 20, 2017 Cassee Cunningham
…Let me count the ways.  A love letter to my neighborhood of Elizabeth.  Each neighborhood I have lived in Charlotte has it’s own charms and personality.  Last year we bought a little fixer upper in the neighborhood of Elizabeth.  I have fallen in love with Elizabeth and here are some reasons why.
1.  The human/doggy water fountain on the corner of Clement and Bay St.  This beautiful drinking fountain that the whole neighborhood enjoys and relies on during walks, runs, and bike rides was put in place by the homeowner as a gift to the neighbors.  The gift of water, thank you.
2.  The trees.  In my front yard there lives an ancient dogwood that looks like a wizard with outstretched arms dripping in a green.  Enormous magnolia trees with dinner plate size blossoms and huge old growth oak trees shade our homes.
3. The charm and personality. Elizabeth neighborhood was one of the earliest.  My house was completed in 1922 The mixture of craftsman, bungalow, colonial revival and an infusion of modern touches make house gawking so much fun.
4. The diversity of housing.  In addition to huge old homes in Elizabeth there are affordable rental 1920’s four squares and owner occupied condos.  This makes this fabulous neighborhood accessible and doable for a lot of people old and young. Which adds to the energy and vibrancy of Elizabeth.
5. Last but never least in my opinion; The walkability!  If there is a more walkable neighborhood in Charlotte I haven’t found it.  Where I live in Elizabeth I can walk to Plaza Midwood, Elizabeth businesses, parks, greenway and trolley it uptown.  Oh and of course to great coffee and beer.
If you want to know more about Elizabeth give me a shout.  I’ll show you around the neighborhood.