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Dive Into Charlotte’s Dive Bars

Dive Into Charlotte’s Dive Bars
April 17, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

dive bars in charlotte ncWe all know those places.  The local bars that are completely unglamourous but serve good, cheap drinks. Every town has them, including Charlotte. Here’s a run-down of some of my favorite dive bars in Charlotte.

  • Tommy’s Pub – Plaza Midwood
    Locals jamming. Cracked vinyl stools.  Cheap beers. If you are a fan of dive bars, Tommy’s is a masterpiece.

  • Comet – Dilworth
    This is the type of place where the locals head, not because it’s the talk of the town, but because it’s real, original and unique.

  • Boasting Hound- Plaza Shamrock
    Great little bar near the Plaza and Matheson – between Noda and Plaza Midwood. Throw in pool tables, craft beers and karaoke every other Friday, and you’ve got a good time!

  • Thirsty Beaver – Plaza Midwood
    24 oz PBRs for $3. Underwear hanging from animal horns. Velvet paintings. You seriously can’t go wrong hanging out here.

  • The Sanctuary – NoDa
    Located right beside the Neighborhood Theatre, this spot’s crowd can vary greatly, depending on who’s playing the theatre. But no matter the crowd, The Sanctuary guarantees cheap beer, video games and pool tables plus bartenders that can sling drinks with the best of ‘em.

  • Smokey Joe’s Cafe – Elizabeth
    Yes, it looks like a shack from the outside. But the patio is dog-friendly, with a porch swing for patrons to enjoy as well.  And they have a stone mason waterfall coming from the ceiling!

  • Jeff’s Bucket Shop – Montford
    Jeff’s is tiny…and really not fancy at all. But they have some of the best karaoke around!

  • Moosehead Grill – Montford
    Another spot that looks shabby from the outside. But don’t let that turn you away! They have great bar food, award-winning wings and cold beer. Some days, that’s all you need!

  • Phil’s Tavern – First Ward
    Drinks are strong and cheap. Bartenders are skilled and easy on the eyes. Sandwiches are good. While Phil’s is small and can feel cramped, it all works out in the end.