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Correction to Plaza Shamrock Grant Post

Correction to Plaza Shamrock Grant Post
March 5, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

A couple weeks ago, I posted about Plaza Shamrock being awarded a grant from the Arts and Science Council.  Unfortunately, the article included a bit of misinformation about the grant, and the article read as if Plaza Shamrock was the sole recipient, which isn’t the case.  Thank you to reader Sharon Bodrick for bringing this to my attention.

Per Sharon, the information that should have been included is: “Plaza Shamrock was one of seven neighborhoods that was awarded funding from the Arts and Science Council as part of a cooperative project submitted on behalf of the Shamrock Drive Corridor in East Charlotte. It was not the sole applicant. The seven neighborhoods are: Aldersgate, Country Club Heights, Eastwood Acres, Holiday Hills/Alexander Place, Plaza/Shamrock, Shamrock Hills/Shannon Park and Windsor Park. These communities have been jointly paired with a local artist who will work with us to develop public art that is inspired by the spirit of our collective communities.”


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