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Smoke of the Ages – Cigar Bars in Charlotte

Smoke of the Ages – Cigar Bars in Charlotte
January 23, 2014 Cassee Cunningham

cigar bars in charlotteMy husband, Kurt, has been smoking cigars.  Now, here is where I might differ from some of my female readers whose partners smoke cigars; I like it.  He has smoked cigars in the past, but has begun to learn about and appreciate them more. A friend and co-worker of Kurt’s, Mario, is somewhat of a aficionado. Mario is of Cuban descent and has a passion for good cigars.  It’s very catching.

Like wine, cigars have a deep and impressive history.  If cigars could talk they would have a lot to say of kings and kingdoms, presidents and countries.  I swear I expect Winston Churchill to sit down next to me on the leather couch and comment on the weather.  Also, like fine wine, cigars embody the flavors and fragrance of the soil, sun and minerals from the very earth in which the tobacco grows. There is much to learn and enjoy about cigars.

When you’re ready to learn about, purchase and/or enjoy a fine cigar, there are some really fabulous cigar bars in Charlotte to help you out.  Although each cigar lounge is unique, they all have a similar sophisticated and classy vibe while also maintaining a respectful and inviting atmosphere. A lady feels quite comfortable in the modern cigar lounge. In fact, ladies know and enjoy cigars too. Even if you don’t smoke cigars, enjoy an elegant ambiance and a quiet smart conversation over a cocktail.

If you’re in Charlotte, there is a cigar club/lounge near you.  They are peppered all over the city and really add an interesting twist to walkable neighborhoods.  Here are some of our favorites:

Charlotte Cigar Club – Uptown

Cutter’s Lounge – Uptown

Cigar’s Etc. – Monroe Road

The Sunset Club – SouthEnd

Stogies Mobile Cigar Lounge – mobile – see website for rental details

OutLand Cigars – SouthPark and Ballantyne Village