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Christmas gifts for every neighbor

Christmas gifts for every neighbor
December 17, 2020 Allison Andrews

There has been a bright side to 2020. The COVID health crisis has reminded all of us (well, mostly all of us) that the people in our lives matter. When your world shrinks down to the size of your street, you realize how important being connected to our neighbors really is. This holiday make sure to say Thank You to your neighbors with a Christmas gift!

Amid the depressing headlines about restrictions and lockdowns, we’ve seen neighbors getting groceries for each other, and sharing extra rolls of toilet paper. We’ve spent more time outside walking the streets and waving. We’ve looked out for each other.

Let’s not forget that now that we have a little more freedom to roam.

Here are a few Christmas (or Hanukkah) gift ideas for every neighbor.

For the neighbor who has been extra cautious for their safety.

There are a lot of reasons that some people have been inside more than others. While the elderly are especially vulnerable, you can’t always tell someone has an existing condition that requires them to stay home as much as possible. Remind them there is a world waiting for them!

Some ideas: Share a little holiday cheer with an ornament, homebaked cookies, and some decorations. Or invite them to breakfast to catch up via Zoom of course! You provide the basket of coffee, croissants, and danish or maple syrup and pancake mix. Go ahead throw in a cute coffee mug to go with it!

For the neighbor who gardens (or you borrow yard tools from)

We’ve all spent extra time outside in the last few months to help eliminate that stir crazy feeling. For many people, that has meant finally tackling those long-put-off yard projects or starting a garden. For others, it means renovating their outside space.

Some ideas: A birdhouse, garden tools, or fun heirloom seeds, a gift card to a home improvement retailer.

For the neighbor you borrow an extra egg or missing ingredient from

There has probably been a time over the last year you have put off going to the grocery store to avoid crowds. Who do you call when you are halfway through dinner and realize you are out of milk? Good neighbors are quick and happy to respond with the necessary ingredients in a pinch.

Some ideas: A basket full of all the things you’ve borrowed over the year.

Extra wipes, hand sanitizer, or toilet paper (it’s the gift sure to get a laugh this year).

A basket of cute dish towels, candles, and hot chocolate bombs (They are all the rage this year and lots of Charlotte places sell them!)

For the neighbor who watches your dog when you are gone

What would we have done without our furry four-legged friends during this pandemic? Someone needs to snuggle with us while we watch yet another season of our favorite new show on Netflix! Return the snuggles this season.

Some ideas: a cozy throw, fuzzy socks, a fun winter hat or scarf or a mulling spice cocktail kit (that will really warm you up after a winter walk with the dog!)

When you sign the card don’t forget to sign your pet’s name!

For the neighbor with lots of kids

Your neighbor with kids has had even more to worry about during this time… Can I get a high-five for moms and dads turned school teacher while still working.. or those who lost their jobs and still figured out a way to make things work for their kids? Give them a laugh and maybe a break.

Some ideas: Leave simple everyday items with cute notes. Kids like jokes. Even bad ones. Like a jar of peanuts (with a card that says, ‘I’m nuts about you’), or a pack of Hershey’s Kisses (with a card that says ‘Merry Kissmas’) or muffins (with a card that says ‘you’re getting muffins for Christmas.”)

Offer to babysit so mom and dad get a break!

For the neighbor you would call if your house was on fire (well, after the fire department)

You know the neighbor – the one you turn to when your car won’t start, when the dog escaped the fence, when you want to commiserate with a glass of wine, when… when… when…

Don’t ever underestimate the power of  THAT neighbor in your life.

Some ideas: cocktail gift sets, grill gift sets and… all of the above!