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Charlotte Murals

Charlotte Murals
March 18, 2021 Allison Andrews

A few years ago I was on a walk when a trash cage caught my eye – not because of what was in it, but what was ON it. I don’t know who took the time to do this mural but I thought it was a nice touch.

This is just one of literally dozens of murals, big and small, around town that make a walk in Charlotte a little more beautiful.

Now if you’ve been following my artists series (link to old blog) you know I love local art. I love incorporating it in my home, my stages, and my designs wherever I can. I guess then it would stand to reason that I also love seeing it around the city I call home. There is some serious talent here and you can thank them for making your Instagram wall a little more interesting.

One of the things I like about walks with my hubby is the way it allows us to SEE things we might have otherwise missed if we were speeding by in a car. We were walking around Cedar Street when I stumbled across this office chair mural. Striking in its simplicity don’t you think?

The whole side of the Charlotte Lab School, 301 E. 9th St. is a mural featuring a poem called “Night Driving” by William Matthews. 

Like many murals in town, this one was funded through bigger projects. In this case, a Knight Foundation grant 

Gets the credit. According to the Wall Poems project site it was designed by Cynthia Flaxman Frank and painted by Scott Nurkin.

There are several others around town that are part of the same project like this one called “Bus Stop” by Donald Justice at Treloar House, 328 N. Brevard St. & 7th. Same designer. Same painter.

One of my favorite artsy spots in town is Camp North End… You can usually find a mural or ten among the industrial spaces there.

One of the favorite murals for photos is the Confetti Hearts Wall. 

(photo: courtesy artist website)

It’s located in SouthEnd at 1930 Camden Road, near Hawker’s Asian Street Fair and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. It’s in the alleyway just before you get to the ice cream shop but it’s hard to miss cause there’s usually a small crowd out front taking pictures. Artist Evelyn Henson created this beauty. It’s so popular, it inspired a whole line of products. 

By one count, there are more than 70 murals around the Queen City. Some of them are pretty detailed… most flowing with color… many making a statement. I might have to do a little more exploring to find them all but it seems like that would make for an enjoyable way to spend some time!