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The Boom of Air BNB in Charlotte

The Boom of Air BNB in Charlotte
February 16, 2017 Cassee Cunningham

AirBnb has become increasingly popular for travelers of all kinds. It’s a useful app to rent out private rooms or entire homes or things as cool as boats even tree-houses. People are wanting to stay in these rather than hotels because it is typically cheaper and allows more space. Hosting is beginning to take off in Charlotte, as many people come to town for business trips, concerts, or sporting events such as Panthers games. Although Charlotte is not a huge tourist destination like New York City or Paris, there are pros and cons to hosting for travelers within the Queen City.


First and foremost, it is free to create a listing on the site and hosts decide their own rate per night. Based on what your listing can offer to travelers, you make the price, and can quickly and easily make extra money. You’re able to approve or reject of who stays in your home and for how long. You’ll get to meet new people from all over the state, country, or world, and tell them a little about what amazing things Charlotte has to offer.

A large pro that hosting in Charlotte has to offer is being able to host for business travelers. Many prefer a comfortable space over a hotel space while traveling. With Charlotte being the “second largest financial city in the US” behind New York, there wouldn’t be a shortage of travelers.


There are a few concerns that hosts should thing about before listing to AirBnb. The main risk with allowing people you don’t know into your property is that it could be damaged. Although there haven’t been a large number of issues, stories have been released of homes being trashed or things stolen. However AirBnb does offer protection in case of damage property, but they suggest to read the terms to know what’s covered, as well as have a good understanding of your homeowner/renter’s insurance.

Charlotte’s Neighborhoods

If the place you’re hosting is in a prime location, it could be a good investment to make extra money having to do very little work.

Uptown is walking distance to all major banking companies, such as Bank of America and Wells Fargo. Those living here that are looking to host are prime for business travelers because of easy walking distance. It would also be beneficial for travelers coming into town for Panther’s games or concerts at the Spectrum center. Perks to tell travelers are walking distance to major Charlotte nightlife, popular restaurants, and sporting events.

Along with Uptown, South End could be the next best area to rent out to business travelers. If you’re a quick walk to the light rail, they can easily take that into uptown for meetings and conferences, as well as sporting events and nightlife. There is also an abundance of breweries, nightlife, and good food in South End that makes this a popular area many travelers would want to stay in.

Other good areas for travelers would be the NoDa, Plaza Midwood, Dilworth, and Elizabeth neighborhoods. They are a quick drive/Uber into uptown and all have great food, shops, and drinks in walking distance. These neighborhoods are full of character as well and would give people a nice break from the Uptown scene.

Since many of the reasons people travel to Charlotte are closer to Uptown, any areas too far away may deter travelers from booking your listing. These could include Ballantyne, Matthews, Mint Hill, Huntersville, and more. However, could be beneficial for bigger groups, people in town for family, or business travelers that don’t mind being far out and want more room than an Uptown condo.