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A quieter Christmas in Charlotte 2020

A quieter Christmas in Charlotte 2020
December 3, 2020 Allison Andrews

It may be a quieter Christmas in Charlotte in this years… as festivals, parades and community traditions are canceled.

The Holidays of 2020 are ushering in a new wave of concern over the COVID pandemic. It’s not surprising given that some communities are struggling with spikes of new cases, just as the Flu season gets going. Family celebrations will likely be smaller in many homes as people are opting to stay put instead of traveling out of state.

That doesn’t mean you have to act like the Grinch at Christmas! You can limit activities to small groups and reduce your risk of exposure.

Start a new tradition.

Is your family into games? What about having a game night. Puzzles are a good way to get people around the same table working together. There are puzzles for anything you like!


Goodness, between the pandemic and the election, it’s a Christmas miracle we aren’t all crazy. This Christmas, say Thanks to everyone keeping you sane. Maybe your neighbors went to the grocery for you during lockdown. You don’t need a large block party to show your gratitude. Play Santa and drop off small gifts with a note of thanks.

COVID Cookie bake.

Cookie swaps kinda stopped being cool the last few years but the pandemic has lots of us appreciating the simpler times once again… a small cookie swap with a few friends is a good way to spread some cheer. Oh, and cookie swaps in 2020 serve wine instead of milk with cookies. Well, for the moms anyway.

Shop local.

It’s been a tough year for small businesses around Charlotte. Anything you can do to help them keep their doors open would be appreciated. I know the pandemic has turned us all into Amazon zombies but for Christmas, consider picking up some gifts from your favorite local store.

Get in the car.

Might be a good year to get in the car with your own people instead of mingling too much with others and soak in some Christmas lights. There are a few nearby places worth checking out

Give a little to those in need.

The pandemic has most certainly left many families struggling this year. Check with your favorite charity to see how you can help. One easy way is the The Light Balls of Hillside Avenue in Myers Park. The giant lights hanging from the trees aren’t just fun to look at they are for a good cause. The Hillside Holiday Hung Drive-thru started in 2012 when a Myers Park High School student working on her Girls Scouts Gold Award turned the attraction into a fundraiser. 

Whatever you do, DON’T go anywhere if you don’t feel well. Yes, it might be just a regular, boring, winter sniffle but, it might not. Wear a mask. Santa knows if you’ve been naughty or nice….