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The 5 prettiest streets to walk in Fall in Charlotte

The 5 prettiest streets to walk in Fall in Charlotte
November 10, 2018 wayjamesmarketing

Charlotte is known as the City of Trees and Fall is an especially beautiful time to take a walk to soak in the red, orange and yellow hues that come with the season!

As a self-proclaimed walking addict, I walk whenever I can, to the grocery store, a pub, to dinner, or just around the neighborhood. My life as a stager and realtor has fed this habit of mine helping me discover the most stunning parts of town.

I’ve racked up hundreds of walks around Charlotte over the years and can confidently say that these 5 tree-lined streets are some of the prettiest when the leaves are exploding with color. Aren’t you so glad it’s finally time to bust out your favorite sweatshirt or jacket and go for a walk where you aren’t in danger of sweating to death!? 

Ready? Drumroll, please….

1. Queens Rd. West (Myers Park) This road takes the cake for tree canopy. You get nice broad sidewalks and can see some of the largest/oldest trees all in one walk. Grand!

2. Thomas St. (Plaza Midwood) Thomas Street reminds me of New Orleans. I have always loved looking at the eclectic happy bungalows bursting with color and art on everyone’s front porch, and of course, trees.

3. Clement (Elizabeth) Clement Street is home to some of Charlotte’s oldest homes. These homes were built in the early 1900s and retain their original charm and grace. The width of this street is so broad you can walk or ride your bike comfortably down the street on either side of the street.and, once again, the trees along this street are magnificient.

4. Grandin (Wesley Heights) Grandin is in the heart of Wesley Heights. It has its own feel as one of Charlotte’s oldest neighborhoods. The diversity of older homes and grand brick fourplexes reminds me of a more urban neighborhood. In addition, it is the closest neighborhood nestled up against Uptown. Plus, you can take in a fantastic view of our Panther Stadium and the greenway winds right past lots of trees!

5. Cherokee (Eastover) Cherokee in Eastover, is a bit newer relative to Clement homes, but oh so grand in its own right. The Street has lovely curves and bends and effortlessly escorts it’s walked from Myers Park to Elizabeth. One of the best things about this street is that there are all kinds of fun detours nooks and crannies if you are feeling a little adventurous. Oh man, and the trees!!

Research has shown that people who walk outside in a more nature like-less urban setting(see, the trees are important!) produce less stress hormones, have a lower heart rate and experience a drop in blood pressure!   

Now, I’m no scientific researcher but I can tell you there is something about the crisp Fall air that is invigorating and calming at the same time. So grab your pumpkin spice latte (and your dog if you want) and let’s go for a walk! If you’d like to live in a great walkable neighborhood, make sure to check out my newest listings and search my walkable ratings database.